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The Roadshow in India has started!

The DigiU team has already headed to Delhi to make it to Varanasi and start the much-awaited DigiU Roadshow in India!

DigiU Venture Capital Fund in simple terms

The DigiU Blockchain and AI Lab are divisions that focus on researching technologies, finding future trends and creating MVPs. We look for and create technologies that will be in demand in the market in the next few years.

10 Questions for the DigiU Marketing Department

We continue telling you how the DigiU team works! Today it's about the marketing department.

Today: Big DigiU conference in Africa!

National representatives, Leaders, and partners from all over Africa will gather today at the Azalai Marcory Hotel (Abidjan) conference room to participate in DigiU's big conference! This is the biggest DigiU event in Africa in the project's history!

DigiU.Wealth Returns for October 2022

The return in October was...

Visit the DigiU office and meet the team!

Immerse yourself in the DigiU atmosphere. Let's get to know each other!

What's Coming to Mainnet

Especially for the DigiU community, we have prepared a quick summary of the functionality EYWA will have when it launches in the mainnet, which will happen very soon!

DigiU Roadshow: Africa

The next country the DigiU Roadshow team will head to is Côte d'Ivoire. From 02.11.2022 to 06.11.2022. there will be meetings, talks and other important project activities in Abidjan!

DigiU.Wealth Returns for September 2022

Returns in September were as follows...

The Ethereum Merge is complete!

The Ethereum network is working steadily! The usual work of the services is gradually restored, and we started farming in DigiU.Wealth again!


EYWA is actively involved in the global crypto community! From the 11th to the 14th of September, EYWA representatives traveled to Lisbon to take part in the biggest event of the NEAR Ecosystem, NEARCON 2022.

Highlights from the EYWA AMA Session Part 2

We continue to cover the main topics of the EYWA AMA Session! Today's post features EYWA CEO Boris Povar's answers to questions about EYWA DAO, NFT and who is responsible for the security of the project

Highlights from the EYWA AMA Session Part 1

The first potential unicorn of the ecosystem continues to grow, and EYWA CEO Boris Povar and CMO Nik Krasnoperov recently shared EYWA's achievements at the AMA Session. This post answers some important questions from that meeting

Attention, Dear DigiU Partners!

The Ethereum network is moving to a new consensus mechanism - Proof of Stake (PoS). This means that now the decisions to create a new block in the blockchain will be made not by miners, but by those who invest their ETH.

EYWA Highlights of August

An important event happened on September 2 - all DigiU investors were awarded with EYWA tokens. This is a momentous event for the entire ecosystem!

Digiu.Wealth returns for August 2022

How to earn more with DigiU.Wealth?

Congratulations on your EYWA tokens!

Congratulations on your EYWA tokens!

Launching a new channel in Persian!

Great news for partners from Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan: now you can watch DigiU video content in your language!

Best Tool to Understand DigiU.Wealth

This Thursday we are launching a replay of the webinar about DigiU.Wealth with the founder of the product, Sergey Zinenko.

DigiU.Wealth returns for July

The total return for July was:

List of the most popular questions about DigiU in July

❓ Why is there an activation fee?

❓ Will I receive referral income from the DigiU.Wealth Partner Program if I don't renew my license?

❓ How do partners earn income from DigiU?

Photo report from the conference in Manado!

On Saturday, the DigiU conference in Indonesia was held with the participation of company founders, leaders and Manado's top officials. Here's a photo report!

Conference in Indonesia: today!

Today at 15:00 (Manado) there will be a large-scale DigiU conference in Indonesia! Guests will be able to meet CEO Alexey Ognev, CSPO Alexander I and CBDO Sergey Zinenko, and be among the first to learn about company updates and upcoming events!

DigiU Meetings in Indonesia

During the roadshow, the DigiU ecosystem addresses many important strategic objectives. One of them is building relationships, long-term plans, and sharing experiences with high-tech companies, educational institutions, and other entities interested in partnerships and the development of modern technologies.

First photos from the DigiU trip to Indonesia!

Watch how the DigiU team was welcomed by the Indonesian partners.