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3 years at DigiU

For 3 years of operation, we have made ourselves well-known around the world thanks to the fact that we never stop developing and making our partners happy with new achievements. About the loudest ones - in this post!

How DigiU dividends are formed

DigiU is an investment company that helps its investors receive passive income from modern technologies. We provide 4 ways to earn at once. And today we’ll give more details about one of them – dividends!

How to earn maximum with DigiU?

DigiU offers its partners 4 ways to earn at once????

Profitability of DigiU.Wealth in January 2023

In January, the profitability was:
✅BTC 0.82%
✅ETH 0.90%
✅USDT 1.50%

Are you familiar with the concept of DigiU?

This is a document spelling out the company’s mission, our plans, a description of the market in which we operate, stages of implementation, points of capitalization and legal issues.


Since the beginning of the year, the ecosystem audit continues - it's the main event of the new year. But apart from that, there are a few other exciting events that we're going to talk about today????

Best investments 2023

Since the beginning of the year, the sensational neural network ChatGPT has already left its mark on the venture capital market. But it's not the only tech company to raise new funds. Read about it in today's post????

Trends in the world of venture capital investing

Let's start with a story! In 1994, a young entrepreneur founded Cadabra, an online bookstore. But the first book was sold a year later...

Technology Trends 2023

The world is constantly moving forward, and we see new technological trends every year! DigiU does not stand still: we know about the latest developments and consistently implement them in our work.

Let's tell you about some new technology trends that will conquer the market in 2023!

DigiU Dividends

On January 15, 2023, you received your dividends, and this is a significant event for the entire ecosystem and a great pride for us.

DigiU Plans 2023

2023 is the year of big goals for the DigiU ecosystem. At the birthday conference, the founders announced the main development milestones, and we've put them all together in this post????

Important information about your dividends

To make the dividend payout process easy and successful for all partners, we have gathered all the key facts about it in one post ????


A lot of important events happened in the EYWA project lately, and this post highlights the most important ones????

DigiU.Wealth Returns for December 2022

The return in December was:

Happy New Year!

Dear partners, this year was only as successful with you, so we want to congratulate you and thank you for staying with us. We are confident that in the new year, we will achieve more together!????

How many dividends would you like to receive?

DigiU partners have already received dividends 4 times, and each time they get bigger. Let's have a look at the numbers:

Conference Highlights DigiU CEO Alexey Ognev

The final post in our series, where we reveal the key points from each DigiU founder's speech at the conference. DigiU CEO Alexey Ognev wraps it up????

Conference Highlights Part 2

We continue the series of posts where we reveal the key points from each DigiU founder's speech at the annual conference. Today it's CTO Peter Tagunov and CSPO Alexander I!????

Conference Highlights Part 1

The third annual birthday conference was held on 17.12.2022. We begin a series of posts where we will reveal the key messages from each DigiU founder's speech. Today it's CIO Boris Povar and CBDO Sergey Zinenko!????

What is a venture capital fund and how does it work?

Those who have been with DigiU for a long time know that, in addition to its own innovations and projects, the company is also developing its own venture capital fund.

What is it and how does a venture capital fund generate colossal income? Let's talk about it today!

How often do you put something off for later?

We suggest you do not wait for the right moment to invest in DigiU because the best moment is now!


This year the company turns 3️⃣ years old. All this time, we have been creating innovative developments in cutting-edge technology areas, bringing together ambitious investors and leaders from around the world, and opening up opportunities for everyone to earn, learn, grow and change lives!

DigiU Birthday 2022

What would you say is the main event for the company in 2022?

DigiU.Wealth Returns for November 2022

The return in November was:
✅ BTC 0,90%
✅ ETH 1,01%
✅ USDT 1,67%


We are pleased to present you the latest news of the EYWA project????