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Imagine DigiU in 5 years' time

Let's look into the future...

How the DigiU dividends are formed

In a month's time, all DigiU ecosystem partners will receive their fourth dividend. We pay out dividends every six months and, for the second year in a row, we have consistently followed the declared schedule.

All about DigiU shares

We regularly receive questions about what DigiU shares are, how to exchange them for securities and what kind of securities the partners get. To ensure that you always have a detailed knowledge base available to you, we have compiled basic information on the subject of DigiU shares????

All about KYC verification in DigiU

What KYC verification is, why go through it and detailed instructions on how to do it. Find out in this post!

What are nodes?

EYWA recently announced that those who want to participate in the deployment of nodes are welcome to do so, and there are to be many of these nodes. To help you understand what we are talking about, we have prepared this post with detailed explanation????

Dividends payment: dates

The smartest people in the world invented a way to make money without working a long time ago. Passive income!

How will DigiU investors benefit from the venture capital fund?

A year and a half ago, the idea of a venture capital fund first came to the minds of DigiU's founders. It started with the idea of developing an internal fund that would be aimed at increasing the number of projects and products within the ecosystem. Now we are working on developing a fund for external projects in the field of AI, blockchain and other modern technologies.

Results of DigiU’s trip to Dubai

Founders' trip to Dubai has come to an end! This event will impact all areas of the company: DigiU.Lab blockchain lab, AI division, Partner activities, DigiU Venture Capital Fund. It will bring new opportunities for all partners and increase the capitalization of the entire ecosystem!

DigiU.Wealth returns for March

The total return for March was...

DigiU in Dubai

We have amazing news! Today, DigiU founders arrived in Dubai for strategic talks!

Plans for the DigiU Venture Capital Fund

The idea of creating our own DigiU Venture Capital Fund has been around for more than 1.5 years. And now we are in an active stage of its development.

Frequently Asked Questions about the legal side of DigiU. Part 2

We recently published a post where we answered some important questions from partners about the legal side of DigiU in detail. Today we publish the second part


EYWA, the first potential unicorn of the DigiU ecosystem, continues to conquer new heights!

DigiU. Strategic talks in Dubai

At the end of March, all the DigiU founders will head to Dubai, the world's business capital!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Legal Side of DigiU

One of the principles of DigiU is honesty and openness. All company documents are publicly available in the "Information" section of your Personal Account. Our partners regularly ask us questions related to these documents and the legal side of the company in general. In this post we provide detailed answers to some of them

Plans for the DigiU Venture Capital Fund

How do we see the possible development of the venture capital fund? What stages are we already going through? What will it bring to DigiU and each ecosystem partner?

The DigiU Concept: General Information

Are you familiar with the DigiU concept?

End of EYWA alpha testing

On September 8, the EYWA platform announced the launch of alpha testing. The final seventh stage finished on 1 March. We are pleased to announce that the first phase of alpha testing of EYWA, the potential unicorn of the ecosystem, is now complete.

DigiU.Wealth returns for February

The overall returns for February

How to choose a fund for investment?

Today, many people think about passive income and financial independence. The most secure way to achieve them is to start investing. And the most profitable type of investment is venture capital, even though it is the riskiest one. This raises the question: how to choose a fund for investment in order to earn and be secure about the future of your funds?

Personal Account Guide: Information Section

The DigiU Personal Account contains a lot of important information. Today, we will talk about “Information” Section.

Hurry up and get unique EYWA NFTs!

Many DigiU ecosystem partners participated in alpha testing of EYWA, the potential unicorn of the ecosystem. We thank you for such active participation and remind you that there is an airdrop taking place right now, where you have a great opportunity to get EYWA NFTs absolutely for free!

A new stage in DigiU’s development: Venture Capital Fund

You may have noticed that since the beginning of 2022 we have been paying much attention to the topic of venture capital investment. Well, we're not just talking, we're doing!


We are happy to share with you the latest updates from EWYA, the ecosystem’s first groundbreaking DeFi project

DigiU.Wealth returns for January

The total return for January