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Check out the photo report from the conference in Vietnam!

Where to find answers to questions about DigiU.Wealth

To make it convenient for you to use the first investment product of the ecosystem, we collected all the basic information about it on the product page in your Personal Account.

How the roadshow will affect DigiU partners

We actively share information about the DigiU Roadshow on social media. We talk about what it is, why we are doing it, and share photos from the trip. Today we will tell you how the roadshow will affect the development of the ecosystem and the profit growth of its investors!

Who is the DigiU ecosystem negotiating with?

Negotiations are one of the key business processes at DigiU. The success of the company's further development often depends on this process. In addition, in a business environment, negotiations are the means of building relationships to achieve desired objectives.

The Roadshow has started!

We are happy to announce that we have arrived in Vietnam, the first country of our roadshow.

Instructions: how to get the maximum amount of DigiU Bonus shares

This post will tell you how to get all the possible DigiU bonus shares! Read the instruction????

Why do we do a roadshow?

Roadshow is an investment term for touring the countries with the highest number of active clients.

EYWA Achievements

In June, our first potential unicorn of the ecosystem, EYWA, delighted us with new achievements! We'll summarise them in this post????

DigiU.Wealth returns for June 2022

The total return for June was:
✅ USDT 2.67%
✅ ETH 1.7%
✅ BTC 1.4%

Roadshow Programme

We continue to share the details of the roadshow that the founders will be heading to at the end of July!

First countries are preparing for a roadshow!

At the beginning of June we started informing you about the roadshow the DigiU founders will be going to. And today we're ready to announce the first countries!

Post for those who know how to count profit!

Suppose you have 1 bitcoin in your DigiU.Wealth account. Let's say that in the next month your income is 1%. If you take the approximate rate of $20,000 for one BTC, then 1% of that amount is $200.

Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2025

The cryptocurrency market is rapidly falling. For some this means a complete financial crash, but we know that this is just a period that will open up new opportunities for us as well as for private investors in the crypto market.

DigiU Roadshow: coming soon

There will be a big event in the summer of 2022: the DigiU Roadshow!

Another way to earn income with DigiU.Wealth

All investors know the 2 main ways to earn passive income with the company:
1️⃣ Buy DigiU shares and receive dividend income.
2️⃣ Invest in DigiU.Wealth and earn a monthly profit in cryptocurrency.

The biggest DigiU dividend ever: June 2022

On the 10th of June you received your dividend - a major event for the entire ecosystem and a great source of pride, as the payment is bigger again!


????Congratulations! Today we paid dividends to all DigiU partners!????

Dividend payment: tomorrow

We would like to remind you that tomorrow we will pay a dividend to all DigiU ecosystem partners! This will be the fourth dividend in the 2.5 year history of the company, and we are very proud of it.

EYWA achievements

EYWA is a fundamental project that solves a relevant DeFi market problem for the next few years.

DigiU.Wealth returns for May

The total return for the month of May was

​Invest today and get your dividend in one week

There are times when a person is in a difficult life situation and cannot afford to invest in a global IT company because it is too expensive. We believe that people should not be deprived of prospects simply because of lack of funds!

Dividend payment dates

Long awaited event for all DigiU ecosystem partners!

Opportunity to become investor available to everyone!

There is one obvious problem: many people want to invest in DigiU, but not everyone has enough free funds to do so.

How many dividends would you like to receive?

Already three times DigiU partners received dividends in 2 years of operation.
And each time they get bigger. Let's have a look at the numbers:

DigiU.Wealth returns for April

The total return for April was