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Results of the First Distribution of the 3rd Stage of Funding

Congratulations to DigiU partners on the results of the first distribution!

Webinar with Alexey Ognev and Alexander I will start soon

In an hour, a webinar will be held with the founders of the DigiU ecosystem, where you will learn details about.

EYWA and DigiU Venture Fund at ETHVietnam in Hanoi

On March 16 and 17, the largest blockchain event in Vietnam, ETHVietnam, will take place in the capital city, Hanoi.

3 days until the first distribution

On 16.02.2024, the third stage of financing for RWA-Marketplace and RWA-Bank started - the largest in terms of allocated shares.

​Webinar with Alexander I and Alexey Ognev

On Wednesday, 28.02.2024, there will be a webinar with the founders of the DigiU ecosystem, Alexey Ognev and Alexander I.

​Deposits: Frequently Asked Questions

On 21.02.2024, we launched long-term deposits as part of RWA-Bank development and decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about the new product.

Start of the third stage of RWA projects funding

We are pleased to announce the start of the next stage of funding for RWA-Marketplace and RWA-Bank projects.

Price Increase and First Distribution of the 3rd Stage of RWA Projects Financing: Tomorrow

Tomorrow, two events will take place in the DigiU ecosystem.

​Long-Term Deposits Launch: TODAY

Dear partners, today we have launched a new product within the RWA bank's ecosystem - long-term deposits.

​Results of the Second Stage of RWA Projects Financing and Future Plans

The second funding stage of RWA projects has concluded. Congratulations to all participants!

Webinar with CEO Alexey Ognev: Coming Soon!

Only one hour left until the webinar with DigiU CEO Alexey Ognev.

​Completion of the second stage of RWA projects financing

Attention! The second stage of RWA projects financing will end in a few hours.

2 days left until the completion of the second stage of RWA project financing

There is less time left until the conclusion of the second funding stage for the bank and marketplace – it will take place on 15.02.2024 at 23:59 (UTC).

​What products will be available in RWA-Bank?

A bank is a company that deals with money, securities, and precious metals operations.

DigiU.Wealth Returns for January

On February 20th, a new product launches – long-term deposits ranging from 6 to 36 months with yields up to 37% annually.

Webinar with CEO Alexey Ognev

This Thursday, 15.02.2024, there will be a webinar with DigiU CEO Alexey Ognev.

Increase in Share Prices: March

There are just under three weeks left until the increase in share prices on 01.03.2024 - hurry up to purchase a DigiU package at a rate of $0.06.

​Frequently Asked Questions about the Second Stage of RWA Project Financing

We've compiled questions about the second stage of financing and asked Alexey Ognev to answer them.

What objects will be on the DigiU marketplace?

When launching a startup, the most crucial stage is testing the hypothesis and demand for the product.

Opportunities to Increase Your DigiU Portfolio

The DigiU ecosystem offers opportunities for partners to grow their assets, especially those who fulfill their commitments to the company.

DigiU Ecosystem Events: February 2024

Discover what awaits the DigiU ecosystem in February 2024.

​Results of the distribution of RWA-Marketplace and RWA-Bank

In total, 397 investors and 1250008 shares participated in the period 15.01.2024 to 31.01.2024.

RWA – Trend of the Decade

Recently, Lawrence Fink, CEO of BlackRock, acknowledged RWA as the main trend of the decade.

Price Increase to $0.06 on 01.02.2024

On 01.02.2024, the cost of shares will rise from $0.055 to $0.06.

Start of the Second Stage of Funding for RWA-Marketplace and RWA-Bank

Congratulations to everyone on the completion of the draw, and we announce the start of the second stage of funding for RWA projects at DigiU.