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DigiU.Wealth Returns for May

The returns for May were as follows:
✅ BTC 1,01%
✅ ETH 1,06%
✅ USDT 1,91%

Detailed Conditions of DigiU Lottery

On June 1st, the first DigiU lottery started with valuable prizes and a total prize pool of over $15,000! Let's go over the detailed conditions????

Multichain Collapse - Chance for EYWA

In late May, the DeFi market was rocked by news of major disruptions in Multichain, the largest cross-chain liquidity protocol. Users reported transaction failures, and the project representatives announced a mysterious force majeure on Twitter. The team still hasn't been able to reach the CEO, once again highlighting the importance of decentralization in such projects! Even Binance Smart Chain advises caution with Multichain, not to mention other market participants...

DigiU Events: June 2023

New special offers with valuable gifts, venture capital fund news, a new DigiU office in India, share buybacks and dividends - this and much more await us in June!

Just hours before the DigiU share price goes up to $0.04

Today you can still buy shares profitably and invest in the ecosystem for just $0.03 per share and take part in the "Double Package" offer:

Share Price to Increase to $0.04 Tomorrow

How often do you miss out on a good opportunity? What stops you? Insufficient funds, simple procrastination, or the habit of saying no to yourself?

The future of DigiU and opportunities for investors: a webinar on share price increase

Don't miss the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the company's news and prospects and learn more about the DigiU share price increase.

When will there be new projects in the DigiU ecosystem?

As we said at the beginning of 2023, the DigiU Venture Capital Fund's development is one of our top priorities.

Global Media on EYWA

The exciting update is that as EYWA prepares for its launch into the commercial mainnet, the project has been featured by renowned international media!

Double Your DigiU Share Package

Starting from June 1st, the share price will increase to $0.04 - making now the best time to buy shares profitably. We understand that there are situations where a partner wants to have more DigiU shares but does not have sufficient funds to purchase two packages or a package of higher denomination. That's why we're launching this offer!

Webinar Prior to Share Price Increase with DigiU CEO 25.05.2023.

Join the webinar this Thursday and find out the following:

How to Get More DigiU Bonuses

Did you know you can get up to 600 bonus DigiU for free? It's easy????

SpiritMe - New Project of DigiU Venture Capital Fund

Great news for all investors and partners of the DigiU ecosystem: our venture capital fund will soon add a new project!

Webinar with CEO Alexey Ognev Start in an hour

Friends, the webinar will start very soon!

Important Information about Installment Plan

If you plan to buy a package of DigiU shares in installments soon, read this post!

Return on investment as the main success factor

Congratulations to all DigiU investors: EYWA is launching on the commercial mainnet in May. This means that the project is entering a new stage, which will increase the DigiU ecosystem's capitalization!

Share Price Increase to $0.03: TODAY!

⏰Today at 23:59 (UTC), the share price will increase to $0.03. It's due to the success and plans of EYWA, the first potential unicorn of the ecosystem, which is going commercial mainnet very soon!

Webinar about DigiU Venture Capital Fund's New Project with CEO Alexey Ognev

This Thursday, 18.05.2023, the CEO of DigiU, Alexey Ognev, will host a webinar to tell you about a new project which will be part of our venture capital fund very soon.

Attention, investors!

We are in a hurry to inform you that the DigiU share price will increase to $0.03 as early as tomorrow! This means that today you have a unique opportunity to purchase share packages at a favorable price.

Highlights from the webinar with DigiU CSPO Alexander I

????You can watch the webinar in full at the link.

EYWA's launch on the mainnet, DigiU Venture Capital Fund's plans, and share price increase - find out in one hour in a webinar with the DigiU CSPO Alexander I!

Ready to gain insights about the most recent developments within the DigiU ecosystem? Don't miss the webinar with DigiU’s CSPO by Alexander I!

Webinar with Alexander I and Alexey Ognev 11.05.2023.

We recently told you about our plans for May. This Thursday, we invite you to an important webinar where CSPO Alexander I and CEO Alexey Ognev will explain everything in more detail!

Share Price Increase: May 2023

DigiU's share price will increase twice this month! The increase in share price is directly linked to the success and plans of EYWA, the first potential unicorn of the ecosystem, which we covered in this post. Be sure to read it!


As early as mid-May, EYWA is going commercial mainnet. The team is actively getting ready and continues to bring us great news. Read about them in this post????

DigiU Plans: May 2023

There will be many important events in the DigiU ecosystem in May, most of which will be related to the success of the EYWA project. Here are just a few of them????